Tuesday, July 5, 2011

T3 W2: Journal Continues....

Dear Pupils of S103,

The start of week two, I hope you have researched and written the contents for the first essential question, " What are the issues leading to increasing aging population in Singapore?". During my absence today, please continue with the journal, concentrating on these two essential questions," What are the issues surfaced due to increasing aging population in Singapore?" and " How aging impact the life of an Elderly?".

You can refer to the first publication and the followings for references to write on the second essential question.
Research Paper

Videos clips for references:

The third essential question, How aging impact the life on an elderly? is about the challenges faced by the elderly. This essential question is important for the making of the first multimedia presentation, thus it is important for you to think through and research thoroughly in writing this part. Please do create a mindmap to consolidate the challenges faced by the elderly. example, health> fragile bone> mobility challenge> walking...etc etc.....

I will check and monitor your progress the next ADMT lesson. Essential Questions must be completed by week three so that you have enough information and time to plan and work on your first multimedia presentation.
Have a good week ahead!

Edwin Lim

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