Monday, July 25, 2011

Week 5: Guiding Question

Dear pupils of S103,

Today is the start of week 5, and please be reminded that the first MMP needs to be handed up on Week 6. I have checked, but very disappointed to know that only a handful, less than 10 pupils actually submitted the chosen challenge. Please do so ASAP for those who yet to submit.

The next part of your journal is to generate guiding questions. Guiding questions are questions which are used to find answers to solve the chosen challenge. Examples of guiding questions.
1. Who are the target audience for my chosen challenge.< define the specific group of elderly.
2. Are there any existing solution to my chosen challenge? How can my solution be different or better?
3. How to ensure safety and comfort in my solution to the chosen challenge?< linked to ergonomic and anthropometry.

Research on the answers to the guiding questions and use the information to generate the requirement of your solution to the chosen challenge. These requirements are very critical and they are the guidelines for generating ideas for the solutions.

Focus and be on task.
Have a nice week ahead.

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